Phone Sessions

Experience the work of sound energy where ever you are in the world.

Sound is a modality that can be available at a distance and like energy work can transcend physical distance and time.

Sound is energy made audible.

The ear is an amazing sensory organ that is within the inner cavity of the skull. With a spiraling aspect that mirrors the intestines.

The ear could be seen as a digestive organ that receives information from the outside with the ability to transform that information into inner feeling. Absorbing the inner feeling to provide assistance to the cells of the body on it's healing journey.

As humans we are 70% water which sound penetrates and affects with ease. So In the comfort of your home anywhere in the world you can receive a sound session with me.

I am offering sessions that begin over the phone with a conversation to check in about a clients physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Looking at the whole picture of ones health and any areas that need attention with the understanding and trust that the body will only reveal and accept what is needed and of use at the time of this session.

Working one layer at a time with patience, respect and humility for your process and healing journey.

These are some suggestions made as to how to prepare for our time together and integrate after the session.

Before a session. Take time to slow down, be quiet and rest into the body. Check in with the physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. Feel into what it is you are most needing and if an intention is tangible, pay attention.

After a session. Much energy has been released shifted and adjusted. It takes time to integrate and settle into a new pattern, ultimately a better one.  Drink water, take a bath, be quiet, take a walk, journal and let the sounds continue to do their work.

Which for some can be a few days to a few weeks.

Try if at all possible not to take in alcohol, caffeine or recreational drugs right after receiving this work.

These are suggestions, not hard and fast rules. please take care of yourself and follow your needs.

This is how we will work together

After a conversation and setting of intention.. The client is interested in being able receive the sound directly at that moment. The sound session then begins ending with silence for the bodily system to absorb and integrate.

Followed by a chart mailed to the client with details about the intuitive energetic information which may have been received.

Testimonials for distance work

" I had such a powerful live session and it continues to unfold daily.

I had visions of my ancestors while sitting in an oak grove as I received the sound healing.

Visions of my self growing and discovering. Re birthing!
Your listening and perception skills are spot on.
You gave me words of hope that resonate with my own being and helped me articulate in my current state of shock. That was like handing me new tools and a boost to go to the next level so to speak. Bumping It up a notch in the way of self mastery and love.
 Thank you Velda "

Whitney Texas USA

"I am so grateful for your song sound.  Looking over the notes you sent I am definitely having a deeper sense of self. 

I am able to feel myself all the way up my core. 

Before it was just first chakra and occasionally two and  third chakra and now I can feel all the chakras and I am taking delight in it. 

Being present is so much easier and I do not feel as if I am pushing the river the whole time."

Neave M.  Seattle WA

"Day one
I listened and breathed and stilled myself, which is not a usual activity of mine. I was bathed in light on a rainy day.
Thank you." Ammy.  New Hampshire

I like to follow up by email and check that you have received the information and are able to hear the recording well.

A distance session takes about an hour and is available for $70

Please make payments in advance.

To schedule a session please contact me via phone 360 821 9034 or  email

I look forward to working with you.


Velda xxx