Revealing the Alchemy of Indigo.

A multi-sensory performance March 2016

Birth rites
What is already mine?
Coming here with distant, yet,  familiar recollections. Then forgetting everything.
Drum beat, feathers, sweet animal breath on skin.
Earth smells, warm sand sifting through hands and mud between toes.
Satisfaction with being self. Sacred full vessel.
A stillness and quiet that comes through the ears and permeates ones being.
Hear the hearts steady rhythm beating in the open spaces.
Breath, slow, deep, filling completely again and again.
Echoing sound so primal it springs salty tears.
Joy bubbling over and over again. On to soft cheeks.
Delicious truth moving within a physical body.
No pretending. Courage to step into what is rite.
Recalling the feeling of essential source.
Explore, adventure,  the landscape of inner terrain.
Look long enough into those eyes and see self reflected.
Potential with infinity. 
The gifts of ones birth rites.
 by Velda Thomas

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Photo credits Richard Alan Sloane and Jules Klein

In Between There is Life  April 2015