"When we trust, that is love. When we allow you to lead that is trust. When we are willing to tolerate your inadequacy (human traits) to teach you. That is heart." Horse

"Do not take my actions personally. I act because I want to act, not out of personal feeling for you. Heart and action are separate." Horse

"You must be courageous and without fear. Step over that threshold to be you." Horse

"It's all about you, and its not at all about you." Horse

Horses are majestic beings with much wisdom to share when there are opportunities created to be with them on their time without human agendas.

I have a deep love of these animals and have found that with an open heart and sensory listening I receive information about life and much more.

I am interested in hearing the horse for the horses benefit. 

I could even say,  for the elevation of the spirit of the species.


If you are interested in this work please contact me for more information.


Working with Horses

Now offering equine intuitive bodywork.

A combination of massage, acupressure, energywork, Reiki and intuitive flow reading from your horse.

Charting and notes included.

Creating connection, relaxation, relief and understanding.

Special offer 5 sessions at your space at your pace for $250

or $70 per session.

A session is 45 minutes of hands on work, 15 minutes to greet and close our session together.

Grooming as Soul Nourishment
Written by Velda Thomas inspired by Paula Stingle
Approaching the grass paddock, becoming aware of my stance, gaze and intention. Whole human being coming to the horse. Entering into horse time, that timeless zone that has no beginning or end. It is simply eternity. My watch is purposefully left in the car. The notion enters my mind that the first touch is with my eyes. The horse sensed my being long before my eyes ever touched her.
I ask myself can I invite her to me with a soft gaze? or am I pushing away approaching full of my own agenda and time consciousness? Neither of which she cares about.

The sun touches my face and a light breeze fluffs through my hair. Breathe, I think. I release the bound up tension I feel through my deepened breaths.
I have made it to the gate and there is the horse. Shy and curious, wild yet able to serve, powerful and humble at the same time. Waiting for what is to come, wondering what offering is part of today. Can we create together right now? Human and horse.
My stance is relaxed, upright and strong, sweeping aside uncertainty. There is no stiffness within my being, letting go of conscious fears. I am present. I want to be where I am here and now.
My intention is to groom the horse in a new way. With consciousness, sensitivity, to feel into both our beings inner and outer. Horses must have a desire to feel good too? This will be today's ride.
My agenda has evaporated now. Can the act of grooming become soul work for the person?
Pushing my naked hands lightly under her mane that warm sensation fills me and I take in the smell and softness with my whole being.
Can I present love in my touch, love that can heal body soul and spirit? Arching her body towards me she gently pushes into my hand pressure. I rub a little deeper into her neck muscles. She licks and chews and I feel my offer being accepted, she is willing to participate in relationship with me. Moving towards the withers and shoulder muscles making small circles with the tips of my fingers, I breathe deeply and pause for a moment. She lets out a big sigh and shakes her neck. The experience is sensory and sensual at the same time. I feel myself filling up with joy.
Have I entered an altered state? Horse
I move to her upper back where the saddle would sit and massage her deeply stroking back and forth into the muscles each side of her spine. They feel soft and malleable. Her ears rotate towards me and she offers a wide open yawn, eyes now half closed, ears relaxed to the side she hangs her head and neck towards the ground. Breathing softly, content.
Within me I feel inner calm, an awareness of the way the soles of my feel connect with the earth. I am centered and my thoughts are within me, no need for words. Is this how a horse feels?
I have wondered what it would be like to be within the mass of her bodily being?
Towards the hindquarters the large muscles accept the whole palm of my hand. I notice that she has cocked her hip to face me as I work in that area of her body. She stands perfectly still with one ear locked in on my being.
A feeling of warmth and gladness wells up in my heart. The horse is not even clean yet!!! Time has passed and my sense of well being has returned to me. I am comfortable in myself. Whole for the moment. The sense of touch from person to horse and vice versa has reinstated my sense of self. I sit a while next to this majestic wise horse being and feel she looks upon me with unconditional love, appreciation and I feel her say "I see you and you have seen me inside and out."
The truth of Winston Churchill's quote says it all " There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

"When people learn to access their innate power. they will be filled with presence, connection and love for this universe and all who inhabit it." Horse

Messages from horse souls