I follow no fixed ideology and strive to be intentional, sensitive, honest and courageous in all my interactions with others.

​Photo credits to Richard Alan Sloane of Marrowstone Island WA

Embodied, empowered energy, connection!

Biography in brief.

Velda Thomas was born and educated in a working town in England, UK with family ancestry from the Caribbean and the America's. 

Healing was always an interest and undercurrent to all experiences. Love of plants, herbal, somatic and spiritual healing experiences.

Graduating from Sound Circle Center in Waldorf Early Education 2003. Teaching  preschool, kindergarten, handwork , parenting and adult classes for self development for more than 10 years. In 2012 after requests from friends to support their birth's Velda completed her training as a Birth Doula at Bastyr University in Seattle and is currently offering this service in the Port Townsend area.

In 2011 during a 2 year Shamanic training, Sound was introduced as a healing modality and Velda became its' student.

Establishing a practice using sound as a tool for self development, healing and integration. Now an interest in knowing more about the human body and the working of it's systems has added the art and practice of massage to the ever expansive tool kit. There is always more to learn and embody. 

Velda has many interests, she is a horsewoman, lover of nature, mover of the body and ritual performer.

Weaving her passion for human experience with grounded creativity and freedom of expression.

Now you know a little about me. I feel that I am truly an incredibly blessed person to have been born at a time where it is possible for me to uncover more of who I truly am and manifest it as I feel it coming through me. 

I am birthing myself again and again. Then putting parts to rest, peeling the fine layers away, letting go again and again. I continue to find more stillness, strength

and clarity as I continue to walk my souls' path and purpose. 

I am blessed with courage and the consciousness to face myself.If I am fortunate, I am left 

with something to share be it art, sound, support, presence, performance or simply the primal essence of my own human nature.

I am honored to share what is, right now, with you here.


Velda Thomas

Velda Thomas