Massage with sound healing energy, magic for the body in the moment. 


  • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body in releasing tension and stress.
  • Accelerates the bodies ability to access it's own healing quality.
  • Supports healthy sleep cycles.
  • Assists the body with cellular detox and boosts immunity.
  • Balances chakra's and enhances energetic flow.
  • Brings the body to a place of clarity. enhancing emotional wellness and spiritual growth.

Self-care for the Soul Massage 
One hour relaxation massage with your choice of oil and aroma. Gently touching each body part with the intention of releasing tension, soothing muscles, leaving you with a refreshed feeling of ease and rejuvenation in your body.     
One Hour  $75  One hour and a half $110

SvaraSound Signature Massage
Combining the art of massage with the depth and beauty of vocal sound and instruments. Layers of sound and massage are applied to your body. 90 minutes of table time allows you to enter into your inner realms. Beginning with a conversation to set intention and ending with a review of what your body has revealed by intuitive listening. Each session is a unique sacred experience.

One hour and a half $150

SvaraSound session 
This clothed experience is an opportunity for your body to receive touch and sound energy medicine to clear chakras, reset, realign and nourish your entire being.  
One Hour $75

Deep Tissue Massage

Working slowly with depth and focus into a few areas of the body.

Deep work can often be uncomfortable but effective in helping tight muscles to reset and relax. ​One hour and a half $110

Gift Certificates now available contact for more information.

Velda Thomas LMT MA 60622307

A little about me and the work I offer

I come from a family where sound, music, and song were an ever present and part of rebuilding our family culture in a foreign land.

As a young child, my grandmother, a deeply spiritual woman, spent much time humming spirituals as she worked around the house with me at her apron skirts. She occasionally spoke in tongues (spirit language) at church and was the personification of a true matriarch.

My mother became a jazz singer and singing teacher at a young age. She used her voice to entertain for much of her adult life.

Personally, I was always looking for meaning, depth, and spiritual purpose, searching for my own place and way in the world.

My sound remained internalized until I began to practice a form of Buddhism where I chanted daily for hours, learning about the value of vibrational energy.

Children have been a big part of my life teaching, singing, improvising, soothing and finding the many sounds within for balance and restoration.

It has taken me almost 50 years to discover the sounds living within me that my body longs to express for wholeness to be true. 

It is my desire to open, listen and allow my sound to be of service in custom made sound massage sessions. 

Sound has been a healing art form since ancient times, in almost all ethnic cultures. Sound has the ability to affect the vibrant energetic and cellular movement in humans, plants, animals and matter. I then came to a place where I wanted to now more about the human body, hence the introduction of massage, quality touch and the manipulation of soft tissue.

Together massage and sound have much to offer.

Fortunately, I have had many teachers in many forms to assist me in beginning to remember what is mine.

I continue to grow with inspiration into claiming all of my birthrites.

SvaraSound Body massage

Resources , places of interest.

Vivkie Dodd of Sacred

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

The Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Biography of Jaska Soos a Hungarian Shaman ( online)

Flower Essence Repertory

Wild Feminine by Tammi Kent

The Weeping Camel ( movie)

I follow no fixed ideology and strive to be respectful, authentic, courageous and honest in all my interactions with others.



***Velda has such a wonderful and healing presence. She approaches her sound healing with clarity and calm.  My sound healing massage felt incredibly nurturing and relaxing; tapping into what my body needed and resonating within me.  Velda is amazing at knowing where to press and how hard without causing pain.  I had recently suffered an acute injury and I was at first nervous that she would push, pull, or twist something that would cause pain, after the first 5 minutes my body trusted it could relax knowing this wouldn't happen. The experience brings these words to mind Serenity, Delight, Nurture.**** Nelia

" Sound work has helped me balance my emotional body with my physical body in a deep and profound way that I haven't found in other practices. I feel lighter, more grounded and more resilient after a session with Velda.

Velda is a very intuitive, gentle and gifted woman a true healer." Lisa

"A sound session with Velda invites deep relaxation and activation of intuitive essence. Velda's clear channel of sound has created space for the re-awakening and deeper cultivation of my life's purpose." Danielle B

"The session was deeply relaxing with the quality of a delicious dream. Your work is gentle, intimate and non-invasive" O

Sounds energy restores harmony to the body